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Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only LIGHT can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate: only LOVE can do that


STEPHAUNE WALLACE founded More Fire Nation, a non-profit volunteer-based network comprised of humanitarian efforts from those in Entertainment and Sports to help the economically disadvantaged in Los Angeles. Stephaune also works with other organizations to engage in activities relative to homelessness and socioeconomic development. He was inspired to start the non-profit because of his love to help people. As a youth advocate, he gave inspirational speeches at local schools and on east coast church tours for youth conferences. From youth leader to biblical studies coursework to founder of MFN, Stephaune is a demonstrated leader. In 2008, he took a year off and volunteered at a homeless shelter to experience the true essence of the homeless plight. He stood in line for meals, showers, and lived in the shelter dorms. It was during this time that he put his love of entertainment and community service together to create a diverse and cultural radio show called “More Fire”. He opened up his peers in the entertainment industry to ways they could give of their time, talent, and wealth to help achieve a sustainable impact in the economically disadvantaged Los Angeles Communities. Since then, his nonprofit MFN, working with other organizations, has reached out to the Skid Row Community by providing them with food, barbecue cook outs, concerts, clothing, shoes, blankets, toiletries, adult education, and career development every Tuesday. During this time he also mentored at-risk youth in inner city housing projects in South Central Los Angeles, Imperial Courts and Nickerson Gardens. Stephaune used his inspiration and platform as TV Host to raise awareness of the issues faced by the homeless in a documentary called “Skid Row Tuesdays”.

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